Artist’s Reviews

Contemporary artists around the world choose Politec acrylic paint.

Politec Acrylics have been the choice of professional artists for over 65 years. Each color series is designed to meet the special requirements of serious artists. Because Politec is produced using the highest standards, with permanence, brilliance, and technique in mind the following professional artists have graciously endorsed Polite Acrylics.

LeeAnn Brook
Nevada City, California, USA

“Politec Series 100 Acrylics provide a unique opportunity to get a rich, matt finish to your paintings, similar to gouache, but with the durability of acrylics. They blend well, and are versatile in liquid form or heavy body. For a contemporary, almost suede-like look, Politec’s appearance is quite unique.” 

LeeAnn Brook is inspired by the color, light and texture of nature, and loves to paint this in an interpretive manner in her paintings. Whether it is deep in the woods, on the crest of a hillside, or at the edge of a pond, she is happiest most when paint hits the canvas and she can evoke a memory of the natural environment.

Gretchen Greene
Oakland, California, USA

“I cleared all of my oil painting materials out of the way and tested Politec Acrylics. I especially   liked the consistency of the paint. The colors are rich and hold their own even when water and medium is added. If I were in the market for acrylic paint I would surely buy and use Politec Acrylics especially considering the cost.”  

Gretchen draws inspiration for her oil and acrylic paintings from urban and rural landscape, figurative and non-objective themes, and the passage of life and time. Departing from realism to reflect the richness, depth and illusion reminiscent of early California Impressionists, she uses color, the play of light and shadow, texture and contrast to create a spontaneous environment alive with color, fantasy and drama. Using painterly, forceful brush strokes, splashes and scribbles, bold forms and edges that define and diffuse, Gretchen invites the viewer onto the surface to share in her world.

John Long
Doha, Qatar

“I use Politec 100 and 300 series acrylics for my paintings or outdoor murals. They never fade even when exposed to bright sunlight. The paints spread like cold cream and dry very smooth … almost like gouache but water fast.  They dry flat but final coats can make the paints as glossy as you want. They spread much further and I cover more surface area with less paint. I use the paints like watercolors.  I cannot find any paint remotely close to these acrylics and I use these colors exclusively in México.

John lived in San Miguel de Allende as a full-time painter. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles he opened his graphic design and illustration office in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received national and international awards for illustration and design and his work has been published in design books and publications including Communication Arts Magazine, Novum Gebrauchsgraphik in Switzerland and the West Coast Show. His work is in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada and has been exhibited in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Doha, Quatar, Vancouver, Canada, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Andrew McDermott
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“Many professional artists including myself use and experiment with more than one name brand product, Politec Acrylics are of high quality and with colors that are very rich in pigments. This is exactly what I look for in my paints. I would highly recommend them to artists and I have already.  I will definitely keep Politec Acrylics in my arsenal.”

Andrew was born in England, moved to Canada at a young age, and studied graphic design and illustration at Capilano University. After graduation, he studied and further refined his own unique style winning top awards in both Canada and the United States. His published articles, include The Artist magazine 25 under 40 Andrew has also had feature articles in International Artist , The Artist UK, Magazin’art, and the Pastel Journal.  Andrew is well known for his distinctive work in pastel and is also highly accomplished using oil paint. He is a senior member for the Federation of Canadian Artists and is represented in galleries in Canada and the United States.

José Reyes Meza
Altamira, Tamaulipas, Mexico

“The mural at the Hotel Casino de la Selva in Cuernevaca measures over 300 square meters. I started it with the traditional ‘true’ fresco, but finished it with Politec. With Politec I can get the transparencies and glazing the same as in ‘true’ fresco with the advantage that any corrections can be done without replastering the old sections, which is the problem of ‘true’ fresco. The economy of the medium is such that I have saved more than 50% of labor and materials. The most expert critic of techniques could not find any difference between ‘true’ fresco and Politec.” (This statement was made in 1964)

A painter, muralist and designer, at the age of 14 Reyes entered the Academy of Fine Arts, San Carlos. He joined the National Institute of Anthropology and History, where he founded the Independent Student Theatre and worked in most of the groups that started the current movement of theater in Mexico. His work is part of collections including the National Museum of History, Castillo de Chapultepec, National Polytechnic Institute, Modern Art Museum of the City of Mexico, FEMSA Collection, Organization Benavides, Museum of Modern Art in Phoenix and the Smithsonian Institute.

Monique Verville
Warwick, Quebec, Canada

“ I presently work on wood assemblages which are sometime part of a tableau or may stand by themselves as a sculpture. I like to present most of my work inside a wooden box painted with Politec paint as well as the little tableau on top of the portrait. Politec acrylic paint dries matte, with a velvet finish that I love! That’s why I worked so hard to buy this wonderful Mexican paint from you.”

Emily Zimmerman
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Emily was born into a family of artists and designers. Here she learned quickly to love art and all that it encompasses. Pursuing an education in graphic design and illustration she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia graduating from Capilano University’s IDEA program.  Out in the real world, you can find her happily working as a graphic designer. She also works on commissions for murals, illustrations, and oil paintings.